Review: Netgear Arlo Pro Smart Home Security System

February 2, 2017


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It is very important to keep your home safe when you are not around. The Netgear Arlo pro is a security system that keeps track of all the activities of your home through recording.

The Arlo pro is a wireless video surveillance system which is very effective in adding extra security for your home. It has the ability to record HD videos so that you have a clear view of the activities performed. You can use this system for both indoor and outdoor purpose as it is weatherproof.

This system has very easy and simple installation process without any difficulty. In the next section of this article, let’s start discussing the features and specifications of the Arlo pro-security system.

Arlo Pro Best Security Camera

Arlo pro security system review 

The Arlo pro is a wire free security system that let you watch each and every angle of your home. It has a very easy installation process because there are no power cords, so Arlo pro smart security system has a hassle-free installation. Also, this system has the rechargeable batteries that you can charge at a regular interval of time. 

It is one of the most used and trusted security systems from many years. The system offers you with amazing specifications. This is a waterproof camera system that works effectively in all the seasons. You will enjoy 720p recording with this system that helps you recognize the face from 20 meters away. 

Features and Specifications:-

  • 100% wire-free:- The Arlo pro is a security camera which has no wires, so it results in easy installation. You can install the device anywhere in your house. And there will no mess because of its wire-free construction.
  • Weatherproof:- If you are looking for a camera that can work in any weather, then you can buy the Arlo system. This system is weatherproof that will effectively work in any type of weather. It is an IP65-certified weatherproof product from the international organization.
  • Siren:- This is one of the most effective features of this system. There is a sensor in the camera that automatically warns if any motion or sound is detected near the camera.
  • 2-way audio:- There is a speaker in this system that helps you to listen to the noise around the camera. You can also talk via this speaker through your smartphone. Netgear Arlo Setup is also very simple.
  • Cloud storage:- You will get 7 days of free cloud storage with this camera system. For first seven days, you can store the high-definition recordings at a free of cost.
  • Wide angle recording:- You can record the video having the wide angle of 130 degrees. This way, you will get a broader view while watching the videos.

These are some of the above amazing features of the Arlo pro-security camera system. You will have an ultimate experience with this camera system because of its high-end technology specifications. So, you can give a try to this system and you will never be unsatisfied with this product.

All in all, the Arlo pro camera system is an excellent choice for your home and office. We hope you are clear with the information given on this product. If you still have any questions, then let us know in the comment section. Our team is always ready to assist you anytime in every possible manner.

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